Cadet College Petaro Teaching Posts Jamshoro 2022


 CADET COLLEGE PETARO District Jarnshoro, Sindh Post Code 76120 Tel (022) MM. Eat (022) 2.22227 E.. calM.13.11•11.1…….



Applications am invited from Eligible MALE Candidates for the following Pons at CADET COLLEGE PETARO

S.                 Name of Post Age Minimum Oualitications
and Expenence
  LECTURER BinSt=ttieee:11Tst D’9,7°ecli
01 in PHYSICS larnrcLicrefegHanct’err* in Carn’bridge System Candidates
(for Cambridge System)   ynth some ale. in Sports. Extra, Curricular Actrythes and Computer literacy, may appty.
    BS i Master Degree with ts1 Drown
    11‘n varsity MusttrIneting Good
,…, LECTURER Not More tnan 35 Years Tenacl, Experience ostn Reputable
UZ in PHYSICS ano Dim= Noels jot

6 Ed . ;.dEd Degrees Candidates

(for Matric System)   win some interest n Sports. Extra-
Curricuiar Activities and Computer
    Ova, . apply


Attrac… pay-package ni.gosmis)seiaticw, upon vast and vaned Expenre Rent-Free smply

Fa, Accommodation fw Married Olken. Sn    be mow.            a              _                                  ,

Healthy Atmosphere wet NNW Fringe Benefits. Inoal Appontment                  be made on Correct. however. atter

One Tear Satisfactory Pedonnance. Sento                               Rel7Mmmea


Canddat. are to submit their Appinatc:irdonsiZO Morigrth \len= ,C.,ogcces4,5,goder.,==re

COUp.Et gE, PETARO. C24tnc.ctEela&nra (Susdh)

For further information please ssnese A (022)2022021-28. tax: (022) 20’22227
tra,:t=trile= rC.7o 4.70=t,                                                           CADET COLL EGTIVAPA

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